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Fueling Hope Through ACTS of Service

YPa learners Are:


Learning Ready.

YPA Learners can say how they best:

1) get information

2) work with information

3) show their learning


Service Ready.

YPA students connect learning to life experience and develop pathways through which they can use their gifts and passions to serve their communities.


Choice Ready.

YPA learners begin to explore college and career choices  so they enter high school years choice-ready: poised to  cultivate a balanced academic and extra-curricular resume. 

YPA Parents Are:



YPA parents are invested  in  their children's education - and in what's best for their kids. They are learners who thrive  discussing brain research and social emotional strategies to foster the best possible learning environment for their kiddos' unique needs. YPA parents have open minds to gaining new  parenting perspectives, homework routines, and tools to help their children thrive. They see that character and grit come from knowing how to fail and leaning in for a next try.



YPA parents are trailblazers. They have a vision, and they are willing to seek a less-traveled path to make meaningful changes for their kids. YPA parents are innovative thinkers, dreamers,  courageous leaders, helping other parents in how to seek a "right fit" for their kids and families. They model to their children hard work,  goal setting, and reflection,  in addition to supporting others by connecting, sharing, and growing together.

Service Oriented.


YPA parents view giving back as the best way to say thanks for the gifts we've been given.  They appreciate the power of purpose in lending a hand to help another. YPA parents see service as a part of living with joy and purpose.  They value the lessons of giving one's best and trying again. They want their kiddos to appreciate the process of hard work and perseverance -- the journey -- perhaps  more than achieving the goal itself.