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Fueling Hope Through ACTS of Service


1:1 Coaching


YPA harnesses the power of relationship. Learners plan and  check-in daily with a learning coach who acts as a mentor and project facilitator .

Learner Engagement


YPA learners  plan and reflect on learning activities with the guidance of mentors to make learning applicable to life.

Learning How to Learn & Executive Function Skills


YPA learners practice HOW to learn and how to apply their learning. They discover their SUPERPOWERS for success by applying problem solving, communication, and collaboration in a variety of settings. 

Collaboration & Connection


YPA learners understand that they are a part of a larger community. They build purpose through service-learning and interaction with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and community members. 

Tutoring For Everyone


"Tutoring" is for everyone! - not just when a student is falling behind.  By participating in after school peer mentorship with high school students, YPA learners  practice helping others help them learn

Innovation Design Thinking


YP bases project work on Innovation Design Thinking, represented by The ChangeMaker Innovation Process. ™ This process develops empathetic problem-solving skills and inspires stewardship of ideas. It extends students beyond