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Fueling Hope Through Learning and Service

About Us

Who We Are

YPA is a small community of families with students in grades 5-8,  founded in 2019. We are residents of district 112 and surrounding cities who desire close-knit support for our learners through their middle school years. We believe that identity in learning leads to purpose in service. We connect to discuss parenting, study and executive functioning skills and habits, and how we can best foster our children's resiliency in the 21st century.

Why We Exist

We believe that human Identity & purpose can be found through learning and connected through service.

YPA exists to give parents the option of  attending a small middle school  with their children because one size does not fit all learners.

 We creates bridges of connection between home, school, and community and  take into account all aspects of a learner's experience. YPA exist to  grows students' confidence,  purpose, and belief in serving others, because  this belief fuels hope to take risks to achieve a purpose beyond one's self.

Passion + Purpose = Perseverance. 

What We Do

We personalize instruction, guide students to become learning experts, and connect learning experiences to real life.

YPA students engage in learning experiences that explore and grow strengths, identity, and ability to cope with learning challenges. Learners gain understanding of specifically how to learn -  meaning tools, habits, and strategies to apply across multiple contexts. By participating in service learning opportunities, students' learning comes to life. 

YPA students become role models for activating voice and choice in learning; they will enrich the student learning culture and environment in the high schools of their choices.